Bringing Olympic Excitement to a Corporate Sales Conference

August 16th, 2016

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Every four years we see the finest athletes in the world gather to compete in the Olympic games. The Olympics capture the spirit of teamwork, personal achievement and patriotic pride in a spectacle of unparalleled scope. Recently our client asked us to help bring a sense of Olympic competition, teamwork and achievement to their corporate sales conference.

An opening video featured teams from within the company carrying a torch throughout their respective regions and passing it from one to the next. The final runner carried the torch into the conference hall to "light" the main torch on stage. We fabricated an 8-foot tall torch that appears to produce a 3' high flame and burn with an amber glow.

The torch is absolutely safe; the flame is made from silk, energized by a high-powered fan and underlit by LED lighting, and from more than 10 feet away it looks completely realistic.

For our client's Olympic-themed conference, the torch "burned" on stage during every session and was "extinguished" at the closing of the conference. The torch is in our inventory, available for your Olympic-themed event.

Olympic torch design

Olympic torch plain foam

Olympic torch undercoat

Olympic torch painted

olympic torch on stage



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