Throwback Thursday: "I Love Lucy"

February 23rd, 2017

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since we collaborated on this event. In February of 2004 we were creating replicas of several iconic TV show sets as part of a TV network-themed conference. One of the sets was the living room from the classic 50’s sitcom “I Love Lucy”. (For purists, this was actually the second apartment the Ricardos lived in; they moved upstairs when Little Ricky was born.)

During the research for design and construction, we learned that the original set walls had been deliberately painted in grayscale. Because the cameras automatically interpreted natural color in grays, colors that were too similar in value looked flat on TV. By painting the set in specific grays, the set designer was better able to control the contrast in the broadcast image.

One of the nice details of this set is the vintage television cabinet which housed a working TV, vintage 2004, but looks like the 50’s version in the show (and was also painted in grayscale). Reed created the shop drawings and the replica set was built by Dennis Pawlowicz, a highly skilled and talented scenic carpenter.

Set design and construction of scenery by RPM Entertainment Productions Inc

Original prop piece; replica of "I Love Lucy" TV set

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