Throwback Thursday: The 9' Tall Guitar

March 2nd, 2017

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Written by Reed Rankin

If you ever visit our studio in the Larkin Center of Commerce, one of the first things you’ll notice is a giant acoustic guitar on a stand. It’s one of our favorite set pieces, and I only wish we’d built it ourselves.

The guitar was built many years ago for an exhibit at the Museum of Science by Dave King, one of the premier scenic designers and fabricators in Buffalo. The guitar is strung with aircraft cable, which is purely decorative, but if it were strung with piano wire, it could be tuned. At nine feet tall, it’s about three times normal size.

When Dave moved his shop in 2005, he held an open house to sell off some pieces he no longer needed. Touring his studio, the guitar caught my eye; I had an opportunity to use the guitar in a show at the time, so I bought it from Dave and it has lived here ever since, except for going out for a few rentals.

While we love to design and fabricate our own props and set pieces, we appreciate the excellent work of talented artists like Dave King. You can see his work in theatrical set designs for the Kavinoky Theatre, and in movies such as Nicholas of Myra and The American Side. Continued success, Dave!

Set piece fabricated by Dave King; available for prop rental

Set piece fabricated by Dave King; available for prop rental

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